The Great Discovery:

Opening Into Freedom

The Secret to Being Human:

Living in Your Natural State

Embodied Realization and Embodied Relationships

Embodied realization is to continue to bring the infinite consciousness  you have or are discovering into the body and into the realm of the unconscious  to reclaim the soul and enliven the Love you are further. It requires you and I to be truly authentic  with ourselves and more transparent than we've ever been able to be before. It opens us into the soulful intimacy of life and allows us to enrich our personal relationships with others. This goes deeper than the subconscious but into the subatomic, which not only has a quantum impact on your human development but activates it for the evolution of the entire collective.

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Embodying This Life.



The purpose of this website is to open those who are genuinely interested in not just Self Realization but to embody that realization fully in and through every experience. It is to embody the freedom and Peace you are discovering through everything and also through the shadow that is still calling for light, for Home. As all integrates back to the natural core, your soul comes to life and new intelligences are released.

You wake up, to awaken all of yourself.

Self Realization is not the end but the beginning of becoming a Self-Actualizing Being.

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"In discovering the Truth of 'who you are' you will move beyond your relative understanding of reality into a vaster dimension of yourself, which profoundly transforms the way you experience the world and yourself."


Jane R. Hunter - The Great Discovery

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