About Jane

I was born in New Zealand. I am currently living between Europe and New Zealand. I work online with clients globally predominantly on line and with groups in person.

I have authored two books so far and enjoy writing so please see my blog for my journey into the wild heart, on my embodying, deepening and evolution as a human being and as a woman. I have worked for many years

as an experienced counsellor and  supervisor. I facilitate in Self Inquiry/Embodiment/Soulful Resonance and energy work for more embodied relationships and a more embodied world.. 

Jane  R Hunter

Supervisor for counsellors/therapists

Non Dual Facilitator

I have been a counsellor and supervisor for 18 years and now specialize in Embodied Realization/Embodied Relationships...bringing the deeper love within us to Life.  I work in the depths of Presence and in the frequencies of light.

"The entire universe is within you, within your body and also within the vastness of 'who you are' as consciousness. What ever appears in you, is only ever arising in 'who you are'. It's not who you are, yet they are not separate from you either. When you see this, you are free."

Jane R. Hunter - The Secret to Being Human