Embodied Realization/Relationship Groups

Embodied group sessions are wonderful ways to submerge, to be in and experience the relational field as us. To dance more fluidly within yourself and together as One Being.

Weaving the energies of life together is a joyful experience.

In the fullness of Being, I am danced by Being and by the masculine and feminine energies to release and heal within my own body as well as for the deeper coherency and healing of All.

In our aligning to the Innermost, the inner life can dance through, in and as us, bringing all to life.

We are frequencies of light, lighting ourselves and each other up for the benefit of All. We are birthing a new human being, a more blended and coherent one, in our forever becoming.

These groups organically create a more soulful communion to the Beloved within, with your partners and to enrich the  relating with family and all others. These sessions deepen your inner response to relate more coherently from your heart and souls truth.

These groups also include, the practical skills and knowledge of what to do in those  challenges all relationships face.


If you have a group of women or a group of men and women and would like to discuss how we could all work and be together, please connect with me by going to the contact page .These groups are free or by donation.