Sessions With Jane

Self-Inquiry/Non-dual Seeing/Embodiment/Soulful Resonance​/ Energy work

If you would like a private skype session please contact me and I'll be happy to organise a time for us. These sessions

take the form of a very in depth conversation, specific to you, to clear up any concepts and a  somatic experiencing into the natural state.


The sessions are simple, tender and tenderizing for both of us . The power of the sessions lies in or willingness to be as open, disarmed, transparent and vulnerable. This may feel scary, but I way show that with you, for it is our entry point into the beauty of Being. This is where  power and vulnerability align. Releasing incredible goodness and virtue into your life.

We begin with Self-Inquiry to access the resonant field, and the All-Inclusive. This brings us into direct experience and further embodiment of Presence. This brings all back to its non-dual nature, which frees everything up. By doing this we are also accessing our multidimensional 'beingness', the deeper frequencies and intelligences. It is deeply healing, nourishing and insightful.


A session is $100 NZD. I also offer a 15 minute free consultation.


Save $120 NZD when booking my comprehensive 6 session programme - this works out at $80 NZD per session.

If you book a series of 6 sessions, I will send  gifts to support you along our journey together.

To connect with me and book a free consultation, a session or series of sessions please go to the contact page.

(A free gift will be available when you book your first session).

The All Inclusive Perspective