Embodied Relationships - For Women

Every women wants to be adored, cherished and to be passionately desired by her man and EVERY woman longs to be claimed, ravished and opened to her core. (and so does her man)

But how do you inspire that in a man?

Every woman has the power to unlock this in herself and in him, but so few are aware of how to do so, and it is very simply and immensely enjoyable when you know how.

We are in a mysterious dance but so few of us know how to dance it joyfully.

Your his muse, and he is fuelled by the mystery of your inner light and radiance and in that he sees his true purpose is to take charge and love you rightly.

Many couple rides the ups and downs, seasons and cycles doing their best but often struggle through the fire of the relationships while some understand it takes a very conscious way of relating to create more love, where it just gets better and juicier!

Relationships are challenging but they don't need to be difficult. We have all been in tenuous places, spaces of not knowing how to be or what to do in our lives and in our relationships. Sometimes we behave from old and outdated places because we just don't know any other way to be understood; often creating distance and disharmony from what we truly want: closeness and intimacy.

This group is for single and partnered woman to allow you to be more real and intimate with yourself so can invite a deeper magic.

No matter how good your relationship is, or how disconnected or even if your single the potential is always here for more love, joy and passion to be revealed and revelled in. There are no limits when you can keep being real and honest to all your human vulnerabilities and limitations. When you do so, you become more magnetised and he cant help but to be drawn to you. Its an energetic frequency and flow that impels him to claim you. And it feels so juicy to be claimed like that. Receiving yourself deepens you into your own loving presence and invites the mystery of love to well up further within you, which is what every man loves and is drawn to. When he feels you feeling yourself and feeling your joy he cant help but adore and want more of you. Its one of the most beautiful intoxicating and pleasurable thing for a man to feel from you, simply you feeling yourself, feeling your joy, because it connects him back to his love for you and ignites his passion and longing once more.

So, we will be looking at what energetically inspires him and how to practically and playfully bring this into your relating with him now. It is actually very fluid and genius when you learn how it all synchronises and flows together.

Written by J R Hunter Copyright 2016

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