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Welcome to Embodied Relationships and what it means for you and I as we go in deeper together and why I am moving in this direction, or why life/love is already moving me in this way.

I've been a Counsellor for the last 15 years, as well as alongside that, working with clients in the area of Self realisation, embodiment and actualising this for the last 10 years. I've also written two books in this area and of the great freedom it brings.

I'm now stepping into a deeper imperative and discovery of this not just within myself/yourself, but in the quality of our relating with each other and especially in the dynamics of the love relationship, because that's the area where I am most vulnerable and where we all are, because that's where all the wounding from the past comes up the most and why I'm in this discovery alongside you, because when we can tend to this rightly it opens us into greater freedom and joy in our relating. where deep releasing and even deeper love can be experienced.

I don't have all the answers nor do I need to, because I'm steeped in this great mystery of love just as much as you are, but when I let it inform me it reveals so much.

It's been said that this dance between man and woman or the masculine and feminine is the greatest art form on the planet and the greatest area of Evolution. So, I'm still living into this potential and possibility myself.

I've lived through what I can within my own human limitations, as are you, and I'm continuing to live through and As that life/love the best I can, because it continues to deepen and embody me into what I know is real in the most secret recesses of my heart, and so it's become a natural imperative to live more and more into that, .... and it's totally freeing and joyous to do so.

So, like you, there is a lot I have lived and there's a lot I haven't been able to live into yet, and especially in the love relationship, but I do know that I'm here to discover and experience what is already alive and possible for me, as it is for you ... Which feels totally uplifting.

This also means further transparency for me, and for us all to keep being willing to live into what we know is true for us. That's why it's an ever finer dance, which is what these groups I am now facilitating are all about.

It does require a deep honouring and commitment to cherish your heart, but when you do so, an ease and lightness can come into it, attracting your lover to you.

The beauty of this blueprint is that it is already here for us; it's only about you and I being willing to dive in and open further.

Will you join me?

Written by J R Hunter Copyright 2016

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