Masculine and Feminine

There are only two poles or polarities that drive the evolution of the entire universe - the masculine and feminine. All of life, from the largest galaxies, stars and planets to the tiniest organisms are birthed from these two polarities.They are not opposing forces but rather are complimentary energy dancing in harmony with each other, bringing balance to all of life when they are allowed to flow naturally.These life giving energies are held in an electromagnetic field of light. Without this field of the electric masculine and the magnetive feminine there would be no universe and no life. There would be no charge, no chemical reaction and actually no passion without them each gives new life to at the other. Each needs the other for growth and for furthering the evolutionary flow of life and love.

Thats why the masculine and feminine are eternally attracted to each other, to create new life, new dynamics and new potentials and possibilities.

They are the two most exquisite energy that we can feel in our own bodies when they are fluidly flowing within us, because they are loving energies that harmonise and lift us vibrationally.

They also deepen us into our sensuously sacred erotic bodies because all of life is sexual and when they are honoured there healing power can be released.

Every atom and every cell in your body is held in this electromagnetic field by these two confluent energies. In other words everything in your body and everything thats in the universe is held together by love.

Your body is actually a loved body and thats why its always an endless discovery of the deeper love within and vibrating and that love more. The trauma body is much smaller than your love body and can be released by your loving presence and these loving energies. Its only getting back in contact with the goodness within cnciencsly so the love can do its job to keep releasing any pain back to the pleasure body then more love, bliss and pleasure can be felt within you and further ignited and felt more profoundly in a love rleashipnship.

The more embodied you are within yourself the more pleasure can be experienced between you. The real purpose of life is to “make love” but few comprehend what that actually means, its the most creative expression because it gives birth to whole new worlds. When danced consciously and naturally the deeper love between man and women becomes the greatest art form on the planet.

As you embody more you can sense these life energies making love within yourself and thats the aliveness fullness and goodness sensed within. Then our natural pleasure bodies can open more to our sexual orgasimic potential which is profoundly healing not only for each other but for all of life. True love making is THAT important.

It creates more love in the world. If we don't start moving into more conscious and embodied relationships these energies will stay restricted, opposed and in conflict with each other as we see in the division still operating in the world today. Everything eventually has to come back through us and back into sexual integrity for a new world to be birthed.

Written by J R Hunter Copyright 2016

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