The Beauty of The Shadow.

The shadow is a lover in disguise yet so many times we turn away from her nourishment.She is full of love and like any lover she only waits for your deeper recognition.When you do so, the lover and beloved become one, over and over again.You have become the great lover you have always dreamed of and you realise that the shadow IS the loved one, she IS the beloved who has only ever been calling for this true embrace.

Little did you realise that in her darkness lies all your light, all the unlived life you haven't been able to live and all the love you haven't been able to connect with yet. When you discover that the shadow is actually a secret doorway into the sweetness of “who you are”, you will fall deeply in love with her.

She is the guardian of the deep. Empowering you further when you can penetrate and love her open. Then she can surrender all her nectar to you.

She is the keeper of the archetypal energies that live within you waiting to come into their own. She is the holder of all your highest values and virtues. In reality she releases you back to the essence of yourself so you can live more naturally in the world but only once you can attend rightly to her.

You are the light consciously piercing into the dark mystery. This allows the shadow to submit, open and release her bliss.The capacity and depth of love that you can experience is endless.

The shadow is where we all connect to our greater goodness and where love can be deepened. If you, as the masculine light, cannot love and hold you as the dark feminine the shadow will rise up, lashing out in violence and rage, as we see in the world around us.

Remember.... If you don't respect her, she will rage within and between you until you can both respond rightly. She will flood and overwhelm you if you can't stay alongside her. If you can, She will feel the safety of that integrity and be able to flow smoothly once more allowing further integration and intimacy to blossom. She connects us to a depth of love He could never have reached without her. Just like a painting without the shadows and shading there would be no depth, no quality, no feeling and ultimately no beauty.

Once again, it's the wild dance of these two energies uniquely expressing As you. This flow of relating influences the quality of how you relate with your lover, your children and all others. Until you as the light, can embrace You as the dark feminine, the wild Goddess, she could destroy you. She will sense your dishonesty and denial. Once you can integrate the shadow you will connect to the deeper intimacy of yourself.

These God/ Goddess energies are powerful cosmic forces that reside within, creating new life and furthering your evolution.You are becoming a vaster lover in every moment. If you are being like this with yourself, loving the shadow to her core, imagine how more profound that could be when expressed with a another?

The power of this is huge. The implications of this is evolutionarily enormous. As we penetrate each moment open we are surrendering simultaneously. This is loving the entire cosmos. You become a greater lover not only for yourself and for your lover but for the entire world.

The shadow appears to be a great challenge when in fact She is the Great Alchemist. The shadow is actually shimmering with love. All you need to do is be willing to see her for Who She really is and allow her to Brighten.

Written By J R Hunter Copyright 2016

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