We Are All Sleeping Dragons

Self realisation is self knowledge.

It awakens you and I into the vast freedom to be with ourselves differently.

It shifts our perception 360 degrees.

Life as you and I once viewed it is over!

Now, the real journey begins!

Embodied realization takes this self knowledge of the transcendental light of consciousness, diving down into the body and into the unconscious depths. This releases all that still slumbers back to light.

The impersonal love we are, is now brought into every personal aspect of our humanity.

The limitless freedom comes in to free up all our limitations.

This is ongoing and endless.

You are never finished!

You and I may have realised the Truth of ‘Who I Am’ but now we are being offered a deeper invitation into the dark wilds and nectar of ourselves.

There are dormant powers hidden in those caverns.

Only the light of consciousness can reach them, otherwise they will not open to you.

As we shine the Presence of ourselves ever further down, we are inhabiting and releasing the unconscious realms back to light and we shine more.

Be aware, there are many levels and layers to traverse and be met. All the pain vibrating from eons ago is still there. It just gets finer and more subtle as you descend. Even the slightest nuance has to be noticed and sensed into. It’s a humbling and tenderising process softening you and I to our core.

Only then, once we have embodied enough clarity and light does the secret seal slide back and we touch the sleeping dragon.

The first rays of light penetrate her cavern.

She has been waiting a long time for you.

She awakens and connects you to your sacred power.

She is a creature of immense light and potency.

She only awakens once you and I have approached her rightly. Little did we realise, that traversing the subterranean was only preparing us for this sacred meeting.

Only then are you and I worthy of her magnificence.

She is a winged Goddess and like a phoenix she rises mighty and majestic!

The myths are true!

You Are a sleeping dragon waiting for the kiss of yourself.

Written by Jane R Hunter Copyright 2016

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