Healthy Boundaries

Realising the ‘boundless nature’ brings you and I back into relating more fluidly in, through and as the flow of life.

It breaks through our belief systems.

All ones false protections and defences begin to dissolve so that every true boundary can be kept.

True boundaries are scared powers!

They empower us in our truth.

They bring you and I back into alignment, to live more fully into our integrity.

If my boundaries have been violated, torn or are too loose my energy will be leaky and I will feel disempowered in some way and act incongruently.

That incongruence will reverberate throughout my entire life, into every relationship and into the world if I am not aware.

Thats why I take full responsibility for any shaky aspect in me so that I can get back to myself and ‘That’ power.

When I can hold and embody the ‘boundless nature’ that ‘I Am’ into all of my humanity and any wobbly aspects these healthy boundaries of respect, worthiness and the valuing of life, myself and others come alive.

I can grow into the majesty of my being.

These powers act as gateways, not in protection, but an open clarity, as an open ‘Yes’ or an open ‘No’ when appropriate. I am now becoming ever clearer to what is truly right for me and what is not.

This restores my human dignity.

These guardians allow you and I to vibrate more fully in that openness as we delve into any part that still feels scared, unsure, confused or closed down.

Sacred boundaries are the living container for the ‘Spirit Of Love’ to flow in and act through us.

This is a lifes work.

It requires a much deeper honouring of yourself and all of life than you can ever imagine.

Written by Jane R Hunter Copyright 2016

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