For Women : Knowing Your Worth

When you and I were very young we knew our innocent nature and inherent worth. That was not in doubt! Then the world came in, with all its in-congruencies and we felt confused. Self doubt was able to settle in, clouding over our deeper knowing and value. You and I were not guided rightly in the ways of man and woman because the ancient lines of greater wisdom of the God/Goddess dance, had been torn and relegated to the mists of time.

It was easy for and I to lose our way, often stumbling through sexual unhappy encounters. These often left us feeling let down and disappointed, not because it was anyones fault, but because we were unclear. In doubting our inner knowing and worth, we became un-grounded, shaky and even more unclear. We experienced and allowed all sorts of mishaps to occur. In not feeling connected to our truth, our natural dignity and sacred boundaries became shaky. We didn't trust what was right for us and what was not. It created a lot of pain and only added to our sexual unhappiness.Now we have the opportunity to free up all that unhappiness and inhabit ourselves once more.

You and I can now grow in worthiness. The natural boundaries become aligned. We see the boundaries of respect, value, worth and dignity are actually divine virtues that come to life in through and as us.You and I bring them to life, by being responsible to ourselves as the spirit of love.

We earn them by being true and listening to our sensory nature and gut feeling.

Written by Jane R Hunter Copyright 2016

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